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Gas welding is impractical as a production technique and arc welding is impossible with zinc alloy diecastings.

Friction and spot welding are possible but are not commonly used, although tests have shown that spot welding is a thoroughly practical and reliable proposition, and friction welding is also a potentially viable process.

Resistance (Spot) Welding

These alloys are very suitable for resistance welding, using both plain and embossed weld tips and using standard spot welding equipment. Taking into account the low melting point of these alloys and their short melting ranges, very short welding times ranging between 2 and 9 periods, prove to be essential. No surface preparation is required before spot welding. The mechanical properties of the weld are very close to those of the base metal; Resistance welding is potentially therefore, a good method of assembling zinc alloy diecastings.

Friction Welding

The friction welding process is illustrated below. Experiments with zinc diecastings show that successful friction welds can be achieved between two zinc diecastings.

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