The Advantages of Zinc Casting Alloys

Zinc casting alloys are strong, durable and cost effective engineering materials. No other alloy system provides the combination of strength, toughness, rigidity, bearing performance and economical castability. Zinc’s mechanical properties compete with and often exceed those of cast aluminum, magnesium, bronze, plastics and most cast irons. These characteristics, together with their superior finishing capabilities and choice of casting processes make zinc alloys an unrivaled material choice for saving time and money.


Assembly operations are reduced.

Entire assemblies can be cast as a single unit, eliminating the need for expensive manual assembly operations.

Less material is required.

Zinc’s superior casting fluidity, strength and stiffness permits the design of thin wall sections for reduced weight and material cost savings.

Machining operations are reduced.

Due to the superior net-shape casting capability of zinc alloys, machining can be eliminated or drastically reduced.

Surface finishing.

When a finish is properly selected and applied to cast zinc, almost any desired aesthetic characteristic and coating durability can be achieved.

Eliminate bearings and bushings.

Zinc’s excellent bearing and wear properties allow greater design flexibility and reduce secondary fabrication costs by eliminating small bushings and wear inserts.

Choice of low, medium, and high production.

A variety of casting processes are available to economically manufacture cast parts of whatever size and quantity required.

Faster production.

Die casting production rates for zinc are much faster than for aluminum or magnesium.

Extended Tool Life.

With a tool life often exceeding 1 million parts, tooling and machine usage charges are dramatically reduced.

Environmental harmony.

Pollution and greenhouse gases are minimized with zinc casting alloys.