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The cost of fitting zinc alloy diecastings into larger assemblies is obviously affected by the amount of work required and the cost of any special purpose tooling and equipment utilised. However the precision and design freedom capabilities of zinc alloy diecastings allows the designer and production engineer to devise extremely cost effective procedures, in fact the suitability of net shape zinc alloy diecastings for automatic assembly lines is one of the reasons why they are so widely used in the automotive and electric power tool industries.

The ability to post form cast features is an enormous help in controlling assembly costs, as it is usually possible to fix components together by this means with a low cost single stage operation and also avoid the cost of fasteners. The ease with which it is possible to make accurate asymmetric shapes means that it is relatively easy to ensure that it is impossible to fit parts together in the wrong way, hence avoiding scrap and rework and their associated heavy costs.

It can be seen the specification of an appropriately designed zinc diecasting frequently helps to minimise subsequent assembly costs and it is important to take this into account when comparing its cost with that of a corresponding part made from other materials.

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