Casting Study: Gear Wheel with Shaft

Major Selection Criteria: Thin-Wall Construction
Alloy: Zamak 5 (ZL5, ZL0410, ZnAI4Cu1, alloy 5)
Application Field: Business/Office Equipment
Application Size:
Surface Finish: Other
Casting Technique: Pressure Die Casting
Source: Kaspar Lüther GmbH & Co. KG

Third Place, 2018 EU Zinc Die Casting Competition

This component in the field of office technology is a successful example of composite casting. In this case, zinc is cast with inserts made of stainless steel in order to optimally exploit the properties of both materials in terms of function and cost. The gears are poured onto a stainless steel shaft. The connection of the parts is only occasionally on the inside, to form the external teeth without disruption.

Cesare Troglio from the Federation of the German Foundry Industry reports: “Moldmaking has taken an unusual route here, which initially puzzled us and left us permanently stunned. The shape and position of the sprue are unusually and cleverly resolved in this case. In addition, the highest demands are placed on the tolerance of the mold. “

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