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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – Shielding Capable Document Holder 

Please note that winners are listed in no particular order.

Title: Virago Wallet 

Designer: Brooke Harrington

School: California State University at Long Beach

Instructor: Martin Herman

Judges’ Comments:

  • “The designer clearly understands how the properties of zinc contribute to the functionality for RFID shielding while providing thin walls and the superior surface finishing needed for a high end product.”
  • “Utilizing zinc for the RFID wallet and the stylish clasps ties the design together.”

Title: RFID Wallet 

Designer: Hannah Altshuler-Hansen

School: University of Oregon

Instructor: Kiersten Muenchinger

Judges’ Comments:

  • “The designer complements the warmth of zinc with the use of natural materials on the inside of the wallet in this simple and functional product.”
  • “‘Zinc came out ahead for castability when compared to other possible materials in this design.”

Title: Bikebox 

Designer: Theo Hassim

School: Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Instructor: Tao Huang

  • “The designer’s choice of ZA-27 alloy provides high strength and RFID shielding for this application.”
  • “Cycling is growing in popularity and this design adds secure storage to the bike.”



Title: Minimalist Utensil Shelf

Designer: Jess Park

School: University of Oregon

Instructor: Jim Arnold

Judges’ Comments:

  • “I like the concept of this design. A very minimal design for utensils only, allowing for more drawer space for other kitchen products. The glass container can also be washed.”
  • “The student makes use of zinc die casting’s high fluidity to make thinner walls as well as the use of ribs to help strengthen the part.”


Title: Glass Support Brackets

Designer: Justin Schwarting

School: University of Wisconsin – Stout

Instructor: Benjamin Pratt

Judges’ Comments:

  • “I like the interesting design for hanging glass giving increased flexibility with unlimited wire angles.”

  • “The student takes advantage of the ability to cast accurate dimensions and zinc’s corrosion resistance, which are both important for this application.”

Title: Vulcan: The Modern Balcony

Designer: Simon Elser

School: Purdue University

Instructor: Ted Lu

Judges’ Comments:

  • “I like the use of various bracket designs for the different locations and functions on the balcony rail.” 

  • “The student recognizes the ability of die cast zinc alloys to resist corrosion and still look shiny and beautiful.”


Title: Ulfberht Knife

Designer: Bryan Varga

School: University of Oregon

Instructor: Beth Esponette

Judges Comments:

  • ‘I liked the ergonomic look of this knife, and there may be an application for zinc in knife handles in general.’
  • ‘Very well executed design process. Benefits of using zinc shown in good detail.’
  • ‘Well executed design development with interesting historical reference.’

Title: Save-A-Shot

Designer: Garen Gibbs

School: Purdue

Instructor: Ted Lu

Judges Comments:

  • ‘This is a good add-on product and clearly a good choice in zinc.’
  • ‘Excellent concept presentation. Imaginative solution to a barista’s problems.’
  • ‘Simple aftermarket add-on product with wide market potential and easy integration.’

Title: Zinc Faucet

Designer: Cole Sippel

School: University of Wisconsin – Stout

Instructor: Benjamin Pratt

Judges Comments:

  • ‘Although zinc is already used in faucets, I liked the novel idea of using electronic controls on the nozzle. The reason for using zinc was clearly presented.’
  • ‘New imaginative approach to a one control faucet. Excellent execution of the design process.’
  • ‘One hand control of all functionality of the faucet improves on existing designs.’


Title: Tinderbox

Designer: Garrett Warnick

School: University of Oregon

Instructor: Elizabeth Esponnette

Title: MODU

Designer: Jacob Stranahan

School: University of Oregon

Instructor: Elizabeth Esponnette

Title: UMB Light

Designer: Robert Caswelch

School: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Instructor: Tao Huang

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