Casting Study: Electronic Housing

Major Selection Criteria: Thin-Wall Construction
Alloy: Zamak 5 (ZL5, ZL0410, ZnAI4Cu1, alloy 5)
Application Field: Electrical/Electronics
Application Size: 0.55 mm
Surface Finish: Other
Casting Technique: Pressure Die Casting
Source: Dynacast GmbH, Germany

First Place, 2018 EU Zinc Die Casting Competition

The housing is cast with extremely thin walls of up to 0.5 millimeters – in the cast thread with an incline of even up to 0.2 millimeters – wall thickness and thus places the highest demands on toolmaking and casting technology. Above all, filling the shield cross in a wall thickness of 0.55 millimeters requires a very good process knowledge. The production takes place without ejection aid; a rework is not required. The casting is produced in a continuous process and thus in a very high productivity. “It makes it clear that even with thin-wall casting, surface refinement through galvanic coating is easy to achieve. Thin wall casting is used here as standard in the highest quality. Thus, standards for zinc diecasting are being challenged again and doors are opened for new areas of application


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