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Drive Beck


The drive deck for Cherokee’s 5-1/4 in. WORM optical drive utilizes a ZA-12 graphite permanent mold casting. From the start, graphite permanent mold was the process of choice because of its economical tooling cost, good dimensional control, and low-volume economies....

Motorcycle indicator housing BMW R18


For many, the BMW R18 brings back memories of the old days – cruising alone on winding roads, a comfortable ride and good road holding. The vehicle has to have a certain solid and sonorous appearance. With the R18 model, BMW is addressing the buyers of a Harley...

Shift paddles on a Porsche steering wheel


A zinc die-casting application in the absolute premium range: This award-winning cast part is tangible on the steering wheel of a Porsche sports car and makes acceleration an experience. The paddles are attached to both sides of the back of the steering wheel and are...

Structural Components


The KitchenAid mixer utilizes zinc die castings for all of its structural components–the 4-1/2-quart pedestal model incorporates seven zinc castings, and the 5-quart bowl support model incorporates eight zinc castings. Zinc castings provide a number of design...